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I’ve made the move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can continue to receive updates on BridgeSci posts by using this RSS feed:

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ThumbBridgeI’ve decided it’s time to consolidate my blogs into one magnificent blog! Seriously, you’ll find posts about bridges at this new url, along with all of the existing posts, and posts about other topics as well. How can you find the bridge posts? Just click on BRIDGES in the Categories list in the sidebar. You’ll also know a bridge post when you see one because of the featured image. I hope to see you there!

KidSci: Suspension Bridges

KidSci: Suspension Bridges

Scientific American has a terrific activity post today. It’s about the science of suspension bridges. Just right for us! You’ll find it here.

Galloping Gertie

I’m nearly done with a book on Quantum Mechanics for a series at Rosen Publishing. Once it’s off to my editor, I’ll be back to blog. In the meantime, here’s a video of the Galloping Gertie Bridge (aka the Tacoma Narrows Bridge) shortly before its collapse on November 7, 1940. In a future post, we’ll look at the reasons behind the failure.

New Tappan Zee Bridge

New York is in the process of building a new bridge – actually two separate spans – to replace the existing Tappan Zee bridge. The new bridges will be cable-stayed. The old bridge, the longest in New York State, is a cantilever bridge. It crosses the Hudson River at its widest point. It was built in the early early 50’s, and because of a lack of material due to the Korean Conflict, it was built as inexpensively as possible. The current bridge is nearly 60 years old. The approach to the raised span is nearly water level. I remember crossing the bridge many times as a child, always a bit leary about how close to the surface we were.


Work on the new bridge is underway. We’ll be tracking the new work while also taking a look back and the construction of the original bridge. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to this.


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